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    After eight years of being one of the top three funeral
    directors we have just been awarded it again for 2021.

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  • Pre-Planning

  • Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

    Well over 100,000 planned funerals have been delivered through Golden Charter, who are the UK's leading funeral plan provider.

    We ourselves offer pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Charter which are designed to provide freedom from worry and stress and impart added reassurance. The Golden Charter funeral plan was initiated by people who wanted to plan for the future. In doing so they’ve benefited so many people with their funeral plans.

    Many have experienced the grief of bereavement and witnessed the financial crisis that comes with planning funeral arrangements. Many people worry about how their daughters, sons or even their grandchildren will cope at the time of their own funeral. Consideration for others is the most common reason why people will buy a funeral plan from Golden Charter.

    You get three detailed plans provided by Golden Charter or you can do a plan called the Independent Way. All these we would create with you at your own home.

    Peace of mind is the benefit we all want and with Golden Charter you know that your loved ones will be spared much of the burden of bereavement. 

    There can be occasions where some of these additional costs incurred by your funeral director are out of their control e.g. (Doctors Fees, Clergy, Cemeteries, Crematorium, Newspaper Notices and Memorials). Only if the increase in such costs were to exceed the increase provided in the plan would there be any balance to pay at the time of need. 

    Financial Security 

    We can give you our assurance that your money will always be secure with Golden Charter. Your payment goes directly to a Trust fund

    Call us on 01656 840287 for more information on Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plans. by Golden Charter, which holds the money for your funeral on behalf of participating funeral directors. That's why the funeral director is able to provide a legally binding contract that guarantees your funeral arrangements will be carried out exactly as you want. The Trust Fund is a separate legal entity from Golden Charter and in the unlikely event of something problematic affecting the company, the Fund would still continue indefinitely until every plan has been seen through and payments made to the funeral directors.

    Will Services

    We can also offer a will writing service.

    Most people agree that they need one but not everyone knows why they should make one. Many assume, quite wrongly, that all their property will automatically pass to their spouse. If you don't make a Will then on your death you will have died intestate. This can be as painful as it sounds for your loved ones who may suffer financial hardship and distress at a time when they least need it, whilst your affairs are being sorted out. If you do make a Will then the legal process in dealing with your affairs will be easier and therefore less expensive, and much less painful at a time when your loved ones will need all the help that they can get. If you don't make a Will then you will have no control over who will inherit what you own. Intestacy rules will determine ultimately to whom your assets will pass, depending how much you own and which of your relatives if any are still living. Spouses may not receive everything and charities, friends and unmarried partners will definitely receive nothing. By making a Will you can name the beneficiaries which includes any charities and friends if you so wish and you will know with certainty who will inherit from your efforts. If you do make a Will then you can appoint guardians of your choice who will look after your children until they reach the age of eighteen. If you don't make a Will then your estate may have to pay a charge of Inheritance Tax. If you do make a Will your family will have clear directions on how to deal with your affairs and may not need to employ professionals.

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