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  • Getting Started

  • Arranging a Funeral 

    It is possible for you to start making funeral arrangements before the death has been registered, but in the case of a sudden death we can only arrange with the family intermediate funeral arrangements which would include burial, cremation, music and order of service. Once the Coroner has given his authorization we can then proceed with all other arrangements. 

    It is advisable to speak to us sooner rather than later in order for us to start putting plans in place and to prevent any unnecessary or distressing delays. Families can ring to book an appointment to visit our premises to arrange a funeral or alternatively, we can visit you in the comfort of your own home. We understand that it is a distressing time for families and it can be difficult to get all the family together at a specific time. So we would be happy to meet you at a time convenient with you and your family whether it be during the day, an evening or at the weekend.

    Cremation or Burial

    If the deceased has not already made their wishes known, this is obviously an important decision for the family to make. We will be able to advise you of the various options available. If cremation is chosen, we will also need to arrange for additional paperwork to be completed by two independent doctors.

    Officiating at the funeral service 

    We arrange funeral services for all religious and spiritual dominations. If you have a particular person in mind to conduct the funeral service, please let us know and we will contact them directly on your behalf.

    Viewing the deceased

    The choice to visit a loved one is again a completely personal decision of your own. Some take comfort and reassurance from visiting them, whilst others consider it too distressing, but again we can advise what is appropriate for every individual family. If the deceased is to remain at our Private Chapel of Rest families are welcome to visit by appointment. An appointment is simply to ensure we are available to look after you whilst you are visiting your loved one.

    Where the deceased is rested before the day of the funeral is a personal decision for the family. The deceased can remain with us at Heddfan Private Chapel of Rest or where appropriate can be returned to their home the day or night before the funeral. If asked we will always advise the family of the best arrangements.

    Families are permitted to leave personal items, such as letters, cards, photographs or any other personal belongings, with their loved one whilst they remain in the Chapel of Rest until the day before the funeral.